Petrol engine 4.8 kW (6.5Hp) e-start

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4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled
4.8 kW (6.5Hp) petrol engine
Electric start


OHV 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is suitable for carts and almost all small gasoline engines such as pumps, lawn mowers and blades, generators (power generators), etc. When purchasing the engine, please check the technical data. If the old engine has the same crankshaft dimensions, it can be easily changed. The engine has a handheld handle, an oil sump clutch and a kickback / pull start. Carburettor, exhaust pipe, tank and air filter are included.


This engine is installed on different machines. The machine in which the engine is to be installed must not be started until it has been determined that the machine meets the technical conditions of the machine.


Failure to observe this reference will prevent TRABIFLEX OÜ from being liable for damages or defects.




Engine delivered without fuel (without oil or petrol!)
Fill the oil / petrol before starting the engine for the first time!

NB! The petrol engine is not covered by the warranty for sports use!




Weight [kg]: 19
Colors: Black
Engine: 4-stroke, 1 cylinder, air cooled, OHV petrol engine
Engine power: 11 Nm at 2500 rpm 196 cm3 fuel consumption 395 (g / kw / h) power 6.5 hp / 4.8 kW at 3600 rpm.
Starting: manual start / electric start
Fuel type: unleaded petrol
Tank capacity: (l) 3.60
Oil tank: (l) 0.60
Oil type: SAE 15W40 in winter / summer
Direction of rotation: Anti-clockwise
Output Shaft Ø (mm): 19.05mm


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