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TRABIFLEX OÜ is a 100% Estonian-based company founded in 16.07.2010. Over a short period of time, we have achieved a solid market position in the field of hydraulic products.

We have a well-established clientele who appreciates the excellent service culture and quality goods. We can safely say that we have one of the newest settings for cutting, peeling and making hydraulic hoses made in Europe in Estonia. We work with each client personally to ensure that our cooperation works best. We were the first in Keila to manufacture hydraulic hoses based on orders.
Our company uses only the best materials and components on the market. We have the best price / quality ratio of goods because we use the global sales and production network of our suppliers. We use economically efficient and pledged landing to offer our customers a full range of solutions with their product range.

Our professional team and suppliers
ensure long life and reliability of products and goods "
We use only high-quality high-pressure hoses and press covers for the production of hydraulic hoses.
                                  - Head of the company Tõnis Rabi
Thanks to the excellent selection of hydraulic cylinders, gaskets and cuffs and other components, we can produce a new cylinder with the required dimensions for our customer in a very short time or we can repair the old at an affordable price. Short delivery times!
"If you have any questions, please contact our experienced team!"
                                                                  - Marketing and Communication Manager
Our stock has a large selection of hydraulic components ranging from copper washers, nipples, stackers, manometers, splitters, overpressure valves, hydraulic locks and components to complete hydraulic stations. Our product range is continually expanding. If necessary, we can deliver the product that is essential to the customer within 24 hours if the product is available in our warehouse!


"Our mission is to be
  high quality, flexible
 and customer needs "
oriented company. "

FREE TRANSPORT automatically applies to all orders over 500 euros up to 30 kg within Estonia!

More information: või +372 659 1110